Cornish Scone Recipe

9th September 2015

Scones are super simple to make, and are a topic of much Cornwall vs Devon debate. Try your hand at this quick and easy recipe – just remember, jam first! Let us know how you get on by posting on our Facebook page and email any Cornish recipes of your own or that you’re particularly fond of…


Cornish Saffron Cake Recipe

2nd September 2015

The traditional Cornish Saffron cake has been made for generations. This age-old recipe uses the delicate spice saffron to flavour the fruit bread. Make as one loaf or divide into individual buns. Serve for dessert or along with a cup of tea. Let us know how you get on by posting on our Facebook page and email any…


Rick Stein’s Fish and Chips Recipe

28th August 2015

Since we’re just a stone’s throw away at St Merryn Park, it just wouldn’t be right not to include a recipe inspired by Padstow. Holiday-makers flock to Rick Stein’s fish and chips so we thought we’d share his recipe for you to see how you match up to Cornwall’s most famous chef. Let us know…


Rodda’s Clotted Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

19th August 2015

We had a request via Facebook for a Cornish clotted cream ice cream recipe, so we sought out a recipe from the iconic Cornish clotted cream makers at Rodda’s. Here’s their clotted cream and strawberry ice cream recipe for you to try! If you’re feeling adventurous you could also try swapping the strawberry for another fruit,…


Cornish Pasty Recipe

12th August 2015

Last week was sweet, this week is savoury. Try your hand at the traditional Cornish pasty! This recipe makes four pasties and has been sent to us by Lynda who is from a long line of Cornish pasty makers. Post your baking outcomes to us on our Facebook page and send in any Cornish recipes of your own to…


Cornish Hevva Cake Recipe

5th August 2015

We’re hopping on the bandwagon of Great British Bake Off momentum and starting a new blog feature dedicated to Cornish recipes for you to try your hand at – post your baking triumphs and tribulations to us on our Facebook page! We’re also keen for anyone to send in any Cornish recipes of their own or that they’ve…