Making bespoke holiday homes a reality!

The beauty of St Merryn Park is the creative control you have over the look, design and feel of your holiday home.

Here at Kerdene we understand that a house doesn’t become a home until you can stamp your individual style on it.  That’s why we only work with manufacturers who allow you to customise your holiday home.

So, whether that means adding an en-suite, a walk-in-wardrobe, a study, or even moving a light switch or plug to be more accessible, we are here to help you turn your park home into your dream home.

And to help with your interior design, we have a huge selection of different lighting, kitchen, and bathroom options, as well as the opportunity to choose from a wide range of different packages to furnish your home.

4 Steps To Creating Your Bespoke Home:

1. Choose a Home Template. These are examples of what kind of properties our manufactures can create for. Choosing a home template will give you a starting point for what the outside and style of your home will be like – remember, you can customize these as much as you like. If nothing is quite right, send us an email to [email protected] with what kind of thing you want or don’t want, and we’ll source some more options for you.

2. Visit us at St Merryn Park to choose a plot.  Depending on the spot you choose, we can advise you as to the best place to have a feature window and the best situation for your garden and driveway.

3. Visit our manufacturers at their factory.  Our specialists at Tingdene, Prestige, HomeseekerPathfinder and Stately Albion will guide you through the home-building process and spend the day with you discussing the design and layout of your holiday home

4. Once built, your home will then be sited at St Merryn Park and connected to mains electricity, gas and water, completely free of charge.
If you would prefer a ready-built and sited home, take a look at our New Homes and Preowned Properties for sale pages.